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Our Priorities

Sphe with Miriam 2007

While our goal is to focus on the impact AIDS has on the lives of children in Africa, we recognize that poverty is the root that must be addressed first. Clearly, the issues are complex and the needs are many. So the question is “how can we help?”

Founded in 2005 as an all volunteer non profit organization, The Africa Project is making a real difference in the lives of children and families in Nkandla, South Africa, where extreme poverty is exacerbated by the HIV pandemic and extremely drug resistant tuberculosis. The impact of HIV/AIDS in this region is particularly devastating since one in three women have HIV – and many of these women are mothers. Consequently, children are severely impacted. Often, they become the caregivers of their sick parent(s), other relatives and siblings. Far too many become orphans. Most do not have the most basic resources (adequate food, safe shelter, resources needed for schooling, access to health care) and are also particularly vulnerable to exploitation and violence. The Africa Project supports locally developed and implemented programs and services that deliver help and hope to those living in the most remote corners of Nkandla.

The Africa Project has identified four priority areas to focus on as we strive to direct resources to programs that improve the lives of children.

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As an all-volunteer nonprofit, we direct 100% of the funds we receive from our donors to support programs and services in South Africa. We also work directly with those we fund to ensure that the resources meet the needs of the community they serve. Finally, members of The Africa Project travel to South Africa frequently, so we see first hand how our resources are used.

Nkosazana comforts a child

Every child should have a safe place to live.

View of Nkandla town by Stephanie 2007

Access to health care is critical.

Nobuhle gets a garden hose

When you are hungry nothing else matters.

Velangaye Through a Window

Hope for their future.