Introduction to The Orphans of Nkandla

In January, 2005, a group of friends came together to watch “The Orphans of Nkandla,” a documentary film that reveals the impact HIV/AIDS has on children in Africa. While we wanted to help, we were discouraged by the fact that far too often much of the monies raised by aid organizations never reach those in need. The Africa Project was established as an all-volunteer organization and since we have no paid staff, we are able to direct the monies we raise to support programs and services on the ground in Nkandla, South Africa. In addition, several board members travel at their own expense to Nkandla each year to assess the needs of the community, establish and maintain relationships with stakeholders and service providers, and to ensure that the support we give benefits children and families in need. Read More...

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As an all volunteer organization, we rely on the talents of volunteers who have a variety of skills! If you have a heart for Africa, believe in The Africa Project's Mission and Principles... and you would like to get involved and make a real difference... we need you! Read more...

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One by One

Some days I cannot see any
hope for Africa, the leaky human
ship of it. When one tiny hole
is patched a fist blow breaks another,
desperate baling by sucking in
one noxious mouthful at a time
and spewing it overboard.
Some days I cannot see any
hope for Africa.

Then I see a face, a smile,
a child who studies hard,
a doctor who returns to help
her village, a principal who
lets his students sleep on
the floor of his modest home
because they live too far,
a nun who’s worked here
half a century still laboring
every day, a young woman who’s
kept her four sisters safe and fed
after both parents died of AIDS.
There is hope for Africa,
one person at a time.

By Peggy Goetz, Africa Unfinished