Faces from Nkandla

When we began, our goal was to focus on the devastating impact of AIDS on the lives of children in Africa, Soon, however, we recognized that poverty is the root that must be addressed.

Our Mission

Working together to make the difference in the lives of children and families in Africa whose lives are affected by extreme poverty.

Our Principles

Recognizing that even the smallest efforts can make a difference in lives of those living in extreme poverty, The Africa Project has established the following guiding principles:

  • The Africa Project seeks to establish partnerships with African leaders who are already serving their communities.
  • The Africa Project is committed to supporting strategies that, over the long term, empower individuals and help build thriving families and communities.
  • The Africa Project’s priority is to support programs and services that address the basic needs (health, education, nutrition and safety) of those in need.
  • When there is a need for goods or services, The Africa Project relies on existing resources within the African communities we serve.
  • The Africa Project purchases supplies and goods in the African communities we serve in order to strengthen the local economy.
  • The Africa Project does not send/transport donated material items to Africa, as this has proven to be detrimental to local economies.
  • The Africa Project is an all-volunteer organization, and the donations we receive are used to support children and families in Africa.
The Africa Project logo

From UNICEF: “Poverty hits children hardest. While a severe lack of goods and services hurts every human, it is most threatening to children’s rights: survival, health and nutrition, education, participation, and protection from harm and exploitation. It creates an environment that is damaging to children’s development in every way – mental, physical, emotional and shttp://theafricaproject.com/effects-of-poverty-on-the-lives-of-children/piritual. Read more…