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Velangaye Through a Window
Education – Hope for their future.

Children throughout Nkandla walk very long distances to get to their nearest school. They know that education is their chance for a better life. The young people we’ve met over the years are brilliant, talented young learners eager to go to school. Unfortunately, there are many barriers that may get in their way.

School Uniforms

Red and white school uniform with shoes and socks

No School Uniforms: A school uniform is required for all learners in Nkandla. Those who cannot afford the uniform do not attend and fall behind in their studies. The Africa Project supports efforts to get school uniforms and shoes to those who are in need.

If you would like to sponsor a school uniform as a gift or honorarium, please let us know. We will send a card acknowledging your gift together with a beaded item from Nkandla.

Caring for Family

Often times, students drop out of school to care for sick parents, younger siblings, or to find piece work or small jobs to try to help at home. The Africa Project supports efforts to identify these learners and support their return to school. In addition, the Sizanani Outreach Programme staff we work with monitor the progress of the children they serve and offer continued support.

Schools in Nkandla

Nkandla schools are in deeply rural areas and they lack very basic resources needed to prepare learners. Those who do manage to get to school arrive at facilities where the buildings are in disrepair, classrooms have few resources, the windows are broken and the teachers do not have the most basic teaching tools including books. Many schools do not have toilets, electricity or running water. The Africa Project supports efforts to improve these environments. If your school or organization would like to support a school project, please let us know.
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Sponsor a School Uniform

One by One

By Peggy Goetz, Africa Unfinished

Some days I cannot see any
hope for Africa, the leaky human
ship of it. When one tiny hole
is patched a fist blow breaks another,
desperate baling by sucking in
one noxious mouthful at a time
and spewing it overboard.
Some days I cannot see any
hope for Africa.

Then I see a face, a smile,
a child who studies hard,
a doctor who returns to help
her village, a principal who
lets his students sleep on
the floor of his modest home
because they live too far,
a nun who’s worked here
half a century still laboring
every day, a young woman who’s
kept her four sisters safe and fed
after both parents died of AIDS.
There is hope for Africa,
one person at a time.

The Africa Project supports the Sizanani Outreach Programme and the Duduza Care Centre.

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Our Priorities

Nkosazana comforts a child

Every child should have a safe place to live.

Nobuhle gets a garden hose

When you are hungry nothing else matters.

View of Nkandla town by Stephanie 2007

Access to health care is critical.

Velangaye Through a Window

Hope for their future.