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Nkandla Street Sign
Nkandla, South Africa is located in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal and is classified as a municipality, spanning some 1132 square miles. Nkandla has a population of 114.416. Here, 40% of the population are children between the ages of 0 and 14. Women serve as the head of the family in more than 63% of the households.

Nkandla Town is a Rural Service Centre and is located approximately 34 miles South-West of Melmoth. Nkandla Town is the only formalized urban area within the municipality though it remains isolated from major economic development corridors. Nkandla is mountainous and many of the families live in deep valleys, forests, and ravines. Most roads are dirt and transportation is scarce. Consequently, people living in Nkandla must walk long distances to access most services.

Source: Statistics South Africa

Nkandla town church and hospital
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By Peggy Goetz, Africa Unfinished

Incubus born in steaming
darkness of Central Africa,
the tiniest of enemies saps a
the continent, like a swarm
of billions of mosquitoes
sucking life away.

At rural hospital in the south
it takes twenty in a month,
and no one cares where it
started or why or how, part
of an army of fear, poverty,
ignorance, disease that steals
the breast from newborn babies,
ravages the strong, burns lives
to the ground.

Africa is home
to humankind. Its
pain is our pain.

Our Priorities

Nkosazana comforts a child

Every child should have a safe place to live.

Nobuhle gets a garden hose

When you are hungry nothing else matters.

View of Nkandla town by Stephanie 2007

Access to health care is critical.

Velangaye Through a Window

Hope for their future.